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Your team's "branding" on your Intranet

Publishing your analytics

Your teams analyse their data to reach decisions, build stories around these analytics to convey a message but do they have a mean for other teams to keep this story in their minds? It's key to expose part of the metrics we use to the rest of the organisation because this is a way to have the story become part of the "branding" of this team. A way to say "we measure our performance according to these metrics, come and see what are our values".

Usually companies publish documents and stories on their Intranet. Including dash-boards and dynamic reports next to these is the logical way of adding more information. We need to look at a reporting platform that supports web publishing and integration in a portal so that the dashboards can be seamlessly integrated into the Intranet.

It is crucial that this effort integrates with the other reporting efforts we discussed in the previous article about bringing data to your employees where you can setup the publishing infrastructure at the same time you setup the data backbone.

Your teams need to work on KPIs, these KPIs define their "branding" toward the rest of the organisation and builds trust, define what they care about and what they are measuring themselves on. Providing them an environment where they can share efficiently dashboards, dynamic reports and visualisations is essential to help them be understood by their peers. The effort of setting up such an information sharing practice is best achieved around the company's Intranet and should be aligned with the data and reporting backbone setup.

About icCube

icCube is the solution stack of choice for all companies needing to setup a simple and maintainable data infrastructure that can be shared across the organisation through dynamic reporting, dash-boards or Microsoft Excel™ integration. The ease of use of the report designer and modeling environment of icCube as well as its flexible reporting integration is highly praised by its users.

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