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Real-Time Analytics...

Here we are, alive and kicking: Dec. 21, 2012 was not the end of the world just the end of a calendar cycle. One thing is real, 2012 has been a hectic year and 2013 is promising to be even more and delivering accurate information in this fast changing environment is more and more challenging. Thanks to its latest real-time analytical feature, icCube is happy and ready to accept this challenge.

Real-Time OLAP Server

Thanks to our new in-memory real-time OLAP engine, you get instant answers to the most complex and challenging queries against your operational and historical data. Accelerating key business processes and reacting instantly is now a reality and open the door to innovative data-driven business models.

So wait no more : use icCube and stay ahead of the competition.

Real-Time Monitoring

For your peace of mind, get instant alerts (e.g., eMail) from icCube in your enterprise/cloud production environment with our new notification service.

Excel / Web Reporting

Following our commitment to natively support Excel, managed sets and graphical filters (aka. slicers) are now fully supported to satisfy the most demanding analytical needs. At this occasion, we'd like to give a special thanks to José Jonathan Puertos Tavares for his work on Excel / XMLA integration.

Listening to our customer feedback, new and improved widgets, better sharing options are a few examples of our continuous commitment to deliver the best Web Reporting environment.

Last but not least, the whole icCube team is taking this opportunity to wish you a great year 2013!

About icCube

icCube offers a suite of products to increase both your Business Intelligence accuracy and productivity; generating accurate information is made possible in minutes/hours rather than days/weeks.

The Web Reporting allows for creating and sharing accurate and highly interactive Web (PC/iPad) dashboards to take control of your business.

The native Excel integration will satisfy the analytical needs of the most demanding users.

Eventually, the fast in-memory real-time OLAP engine allows to aggregate data from different sources to get instant insights of your business.

Since its beginning, icCube is being praised for its flexibility and advanced calculation engine. Compared to closed solutions, we fully support MDX/XMLA standards adding innovative features (e.g, functional, object support) and direct integration with Java and R languages.

For more information, please visit our Web site and/or contact us.