A high-performance Analytical Engine supporting OLAP and MDX+

icCube’s Analytical Engine – icStorm – is the quality and precision of a Swiss watch with the amazing power of the Thunder.

icStorm, icCube’s Analytical Engine

  • A high-performance and real-time analytical engine.
  • Designed for Big Data.
  • Supporting for multidimensional analysis and MDX+ standards.
  • If you’re an IT person you’ll love the fact that it supports XMLA and can be connected to multiple reporting tools (e.g Excel )
  • If you’re a business person you’ll love it’s extremely high performance.

Advanced Analytics - MDX+

Excel/XMLA Integration

Maintenance / Installation

  • Single Java Process making it extremely easy to maintain.
  • Web based : No client installation
  • Web based monitoring / modelling / reporting
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac or any OS supporting JDK 1.7 +
  • Straight forward integration into Apache and IIS servers

Modularity / Extensions

  • Extensions & Plugins
  • Include your own data sources (only Enterprise)
  • Add Authentication and Authorization modules


  • Same Web interface for all operations (create, work and manage)
  • Unique MDX debugger and profiler (patented technology)