Pivot Table

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First example of a JS Pivot Table.
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A simple example of the pivot table on a standard MDX query.

Different options are shown in this example :

  • The icons can be configured, for this example we are using JQuery UI icons.
  • fireCollapseOnClosed : collapse also hidden members when collapsing node in 2,3 columns
  • beforeRowPrintLabel/beforeColPrintLabel : displaying several member properties

Note you can trigger different behaviours by using ctr,shift and alt when clicking a node :

  • Click : expands direct children of a given node. Performs a drilldown if needed
  • Shift + click : sets the node as 'new' root for axis, click again shift+click to reset the root.
  • Ctrl + click : expands all descendants of a given node (drilldown is not forced).
  • Alt + click : restore the previous tree state of the descendants.