icCube v8.2.2 version just released brings the possibility to choose whether the state of a table is saved on the browser or not, huge rendering improvements on widgets as well as date conversion for JDBC sources, including SQLite.

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For all the details, check our 8.2.1 and 8.2.2 release notes.


Server highlights

  MDX performance – auto-exist with large sub-select (i.e. filterby) sets improvement

  Date support enhancement
  • added string to date conversion for JDBC data sources → helpful for SQLite, check the article below
  • Relaxed constraint to allow linking dates fact values to a time dimension with seconds
  Embedding icCube – added JWT token support (sessionless) → doc


Dashboard highlights

  Table state – option to enable/disable state auto-save in the browser local storage

  Table column ordering – reordering columns is now possible

  Widget rendering – introduced data row limit to prevent breaking their rendering

⚠️ Breaking changes
  • Plugins: introduced a logger parameter in registerXyz methods
  • Theme: all CSS classes are starting with ic3
  • Dropdown:  Lazy Load  removed, new  Dropdown (lazy) widget introduced
  • KPI Box:  Background Color  &  Columns options removed, workarounds available


New Article!

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