BI Team

Tap into advanced, smart and innovative trends directly, without the need to hire your own team. Our BI experts help you creating predictive insights, optimized for your business model or just help you connecting a new custom source or building your dashboards.

Some examples of how our experts can help you reaching your goals:

Managed Dashboards

No time or expertise to create useful dashboards yourself? We have a team of experts working on dashboards every day. Reduce your time to market by explaining your reporting needs to our consultants. They will bring your ideas to the next level and create the dashboards for need. We even take care of the end-to-end setup from data analytics to dashboards, everything you need to get started!


Successful companies, from any size, all have forecasting models embedded in their organization in some extent. It allows you to act, before proble ms have presented themselves. Outsmart your competition by letting us help you to forecast your business.


If you prefer to add value to your organization, we provide BI training from novice to advanced levels. We train your team not only to be able to use our platform, but how to apply common BI best practises in the organization as well.

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