Thanks for installing icCube!

You need a valid license to start icCube. Please contact us to request an evaluation and/or community license.

Let’s walk through the below steps to better understand the basics of icCube.

1. We installed Java, to make it easy

We automatically installed the newest version of Java during the icCube installation. If you experience any issues, check our support page or contact us.

2. Start icCube

To start icCube, start the application like any other application. Once started, you will see the icCube tray icon.
  • Right-click the tray and click Open Console
  • A browser opens your localhost where icCube is hosted from
  • Login:
    • to open as a demo user leave all login fields empty and click login
    • to open as an administrator (access to further server configurations) type the following user / password: admin / admin

3. Build your first schema

Check this walkthrough to help you build your first schema.

4. Create your first dashboard

Find a getting started walkthrough on our Dashboard Documentation.

Don’t hesitate to check the useful links below: Our support team is happy to help you in more detail. Feel free to contact us.