Thanks for installing icCube!

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Let’s walk through the below steps to better understand the basics of icCube. Remember, you are using the free community version that is limited by memory (512Mb) and does not contain advanced features. Call (+41 21 534 87 43) or mail us now to get a full evaluation licence.

1. We installed Java, to make it easy

We automatically installed the newest version of Java during the icCube installation. If you still experience any issues, please call (+41 21 534 87 43 – CET) or mail us now.

2. Start icCube

To start icCube, start the application like any other application. Once started, you will see the icCube tray icon.
  • Right-click the tray and click Opening the IDE
  • A browser opens your localhost where icCube is hosted from
  • Leave all login fields empty and click login
  • Click Builder in the top menu
You can choose to build your own schema by continuing this article below or directly build a widget based on an example schema.

3. Build your first schema

Make sure you are on the Builder page in the IDE.
  • Click the + plus sign, at the left top
  • Provide a name for your schema and click Finish
Now, walk through each step in the below highlighted item of the tree and your schema is ready to use!
Our support team is happy to help you in more detail. Call us now (+41 21 534 87 43) or send us an email.

4. Create your first widget

  • Click on Reporting from the IDE (builder) or right click the Tray Icon and select open the reporting
  • At the left top, click on file and select your schema. In this example we will use the Sales example schema
  • Click on Charts
  • Click on Serials (for graphs, pie charts, etc)
  • Click the gear icon, within the widget that is just created
  • Open measures and drag amount to measures
  • Open Month and drag the child it to rows
  • Click save
You have now created your first widget! For questions and a personal introduction, please call (+41 21 534 87 43) or send us an email, now.  

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