Data Analysis & Reporting

Make your data talk by transforming its complexity into understandable and actionable insights

icCube is a high performance and real-time analytical and visualization engine. It is made by a passionate team of experts driven by quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud of what we do.


You will have the ability to create highly customizable and amazingly responsive dashboards with multiple charts and widgets for a great user navigation and data discovery. And the reports will run everywhere! (desktops, tablets, smartphones)

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  • Combine and transform data from multiple sources (SQL, NoSQL, Excel, Google , etc.)
  • Advanced multidimensional real-time Analysis Server (MDX+)
  • Run everywhere (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Cloud friendly, full web based UI
  • Ready for Big Data
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Labelled Swiss Made Software, our products are made with the highest precision and meticulousness, reflecting the true Swiss values of our company.


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Do you have further questions on data analysis and reporting? CHECK THE FAQ BELOW!

What is data analysis and reporting?

Data can come in many formats and can be analyzed in many ways depending on the need of the user. Sums, percentages, vector calculations, statistical modelling, predictive analytics, the possibilities are huge. Once the data is put together and choice of how to analyze it is defined, you can show results in an enterprise dashboard. Data analysis and reporting is therefore the way of getting valuable business insights.

Design or straightforwardness of a dashboard?

Ideally both, right? A dashboard should first and foremost speak to the reader. Complexity is a choice. It’s up to the user/designer to make the dashboard a straightforward report; and of course, design can also greatly improve readability.

The report should, above all, answer the questions of the person needing the dashboard.

icCube gives the possibility to the user to create enterprise dashboards with a pixel perfect look and feel (coloring, fonts, interaction, etc) that his or her company requires; read more about it under White Labeling.

Can you add charts that are not already predefined in icCube?

Yes, icCube has its own library of widgets (see below) it also integrates Google Visualization and some D3 charts. Any other D3 chart that is not already present in icCube can be added by an advanced user or customers are welcome to ask our team.

icCube charts: Table, Serial, XY, Combo, OHLC, Funnel, Radar, Gantt, Waterfall, Gauge, Donut/Pie, Progress Bar, SVG Map, Simple Table, Generic Google Map, Google Geo Chart, Google Visualization (Generic chart, Table, Combo, Sankey, Calendar), D3 Bubble Chart, D3 Cloud chart, D3 Sunburst.

icCube filters: MDX filter (Multi select, Buttons list, Horizontal Buttons list, Drop Down, Tree, Autocomplete, Slider), Date Picker, Select Control, Input Widget, Text/HTML.

Do we have trustworthy designs with all charts?

No. The choice of charts can in fact be done in a way to manipulate the reader. A good design should not have the intention to mislead or influence the reader. But of course, it’s up to the designer.

You can learn more about it, and about numerous ways of objectively showing data analysis and reporting in the following book from Andy Kirk: Data Visualisation – A Handbook for data Driven Design. One of our partners has also published an article on the misleading aspects of Pie charts.

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