Making Data Talk

Combine & Transform
Any Data Source

Your Data

Make Your
Data Talk

Combine & Transform Any Source

Combine Any Source

Relational databases like access and MySQL but also MongoDB, Redis and Redshift are supported among many more. Any structured data source can be combined with any of your own sources, for better analysis.

icCube even supports custom sources so you are guaranteed you will never be blocked. This means that if you want to add different sources in the future, you are guaranteed you can.

Transform & Load Your Data

Not all data is perfectly usable for data analysis, right away. icCube’s allows you to perform data transformations with the ETL layer and to define your business concepts with the semantic layer.

icCube loads data according to your desired schedule and frequency, incrementally when a change is detected in the database or in real time!

Analyze Your Data

Analyze Your Data

Work on your data by using the standard MDX language, extended to MDX++ with more than 100 new functions, an object layer and direct access to Java and R (through Renjin).

Powerful Analysis

By default you get access to 250+ new functions, we added to MDX to make it easier for you to query on date and time.


With native R and Java integration, you will be able to go beyond usual BI tools’ analytical capacity by empowering users to perform forecasting and predictive analytics, advanced modelling, machine learning algorithms, and all other methods these languages provide.

Interactive Dashboards

Drag & Drop

Build dashboards in any browser with the drag and drop dashboard creator. No coding skills are required while you still are able to create amazing dashboards for your teams.


All dashboards can be tweaked per screen size. Add or hide widgets per device type or keep them all the same. Up to you!


Having the data is one thing but more importantly is how you fast you act on it. Highlight specific data points or filters that display metrics worth following-up on and comment on them or start a discussion, right from the dashboard itself.

Many Different Widgets

Not only the basic widgets like (pivot) tables, matrix and graphs are supported out of the box but you are able to add libraries like d3, that removes almost any limit of how to represent your data.

Do you need more? You are able to design your insights from scratch using JS, CSS and HTML.

Data Discovery

Sometimes, dashboards are not enough. You need to explore your data. You are able to configure every click event yourself and make widgets interact between each other. Apply filters by clicking on data points or drill down into your data as deep as you like.