icCube is often listed in the top 3 BI and embedded analytics lists in both 2017 and 2018 on Solutionsreview.com, Bigdata-madesimple.com, Butleranalytics.com, Predictiveanalyticstoday.com and Finances online. Because we are seen as the #1 SSAS alternative, more and more IT teams are migrating away from Microsoft Analysis Services.

The reason why icCube is the perfect replacement for IT teams looking for an SSAS alternative, is that icCube is further being developed where SSAS has stopped and as icCube is an end-to-end BI tool including not only XMLA/MDX Real Time Analytical Server (In Memory OLAP) but also ETL and Web Reporting in a single application.

You will therefore benefit from extended MDX (100+ additional functions), robust MOLAP server, visually appealing 100% customizable dashboards thanks to icCube’s drag and droppable Reporting Editor, forecasting, on the fly authentication& authorization, and much, much more, all in a single Java process that runs on any OS.

icCube is definitely made for clients where the BI is business critical and where reliability is imperative.

If you are not yet convinced to make the switch now, the below comparison between SSAS and icCube might help you further.

Detailed comparison

SSAS alternative
Dimension / Hirarchy / Level
Create SubCube
Vector / Matrix Data Types
Many-to-Many in datasource
Extended Measure Aggregations (e.g., vector, etc)
Access Rights till Member / Cell Level
External System Integration (OEM support)
Standard MDX
Extended MDX (over 150 new functions)
Defined MDX Function in MDX
MDX debugger and profiler
Vector / Matrix
Native R Integration
Direct Java Integration (OO)
Web Based Admin. Console
Web Based Schema Modeling
Web Based MDX Console (w/ Debugger)
XMLA (Excel)
Mac OS

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Why is icCube the best SSAS alternative?

SSAS alternative


We continuously evolve the MDX language. icCube has added over 100 additional functions, dynamic hierarchies, direct access to Java and R, managing vectors and matrices at aggregation level and numerical level for top numerical flexibility and performance.  
SSAS alternative


icCube’s 7.4 version has a new loading schema code that is CONSIDERABLY faster than the competition: up to 7 times faster on other competitors (up to 600.000 rows/sec)

The new code is not only faster when loading dimensions and facts, but it scales a lot better when increasing the number of processing threads.  
Your Brand Experience

Web/J2EE Standards

All user interfaces are web based. No client desktop installations required. Being J2EE compliant, icCube runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.  
Built to Integrate

Patented MDX debugger

Wondered how an MDX query is solved and what was going on ? Speed up writing your MDX query and understand with icCube’s patented MDX debugger, out of the box.  
standalone SSRS alternative reporting

Web Reporting

icCube comes with an easy to use Web Reporting which makes it easy to create 100% customizable dashboards for different layouts (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Printing), send automatic reports and where users can collaborate on.  
self-service bi

Forecasting using R and Java

Solve even the most complex predictive analytics problems using R or Java directly from MDX.