We are usually looking at our dashboards on our computer screens, but sometimes we are on the go and want to quickly check your dashboard on your phone, tablet or even just need the report printed out to be able to take it during a meeting.

Anyway, icCube offers you the possibility to create a same dashboard with multiple layouts for your different devices and needs: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Printing and Printing Landscape. Here’s how to.

Creating a new Layout

First create your dashboard as usual, the default layout is Desktop. The screens icon on your left menu bar allows to add more layouts.

When creating a new layout, you can directly add all your widgets at once or not. N.B.: it could make sense not to add all widgets, in the case of filters for a printed report for instance.

Check out an example of a Tablet layout:

… and an example of a Printing layout:

Sometimes, adding all widgets at once and moving them around will not be well adapted to the layout you are creating, e.g. font sizes, column widths and row heights. You therefore need to change some of the widgets’ configurations for it to better fit the according layout.

Layout-specific widget settings

By default, when the widget created on the Desktop is used for another layout, the “use default layout” box is checked. Uncheck it to change the widget’s configuration or reclick it to go back to the same settings as used on the Desktop report.

The image below shows the configuration of a table on a Printing layout with layout-specific column widths and row heights.

User-Defined and Reset settings

A last feature which can be very helpful – and was implemented a couple months ago – is the User Defined and Reset buttons.

The first allows to show only user-defined settings, quite practical if you wish to quickly see exactly what settings you have changed, and the second to reset all configurations back to default.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia