Crossjoin (MDX)

Returns the cross product of the specified sets.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  set-expression  one-n   




Returns a list of tuples as a result of the cross product of the specified sets. For each combination a tuple is created as the sum of the tuple/items of the different sets.

{a,b,c} x {1,2} = {(a,1), (b,1), (c,1),(a,2), (b,2), (c,2)}

where {a,b,c} and {1,2} are members of two different hierarchies.

The sets have to be of different dimensionality (e.g. the crossjoin of members of the same hierarchy will return an error).

Please note that crossjoin does not produce non existing tuples into the resulting set. It also cares about the order of tuples in the resulting set (using the order of sets being cross-joined).

See Also

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