Current (MDX)

Returns the current tuple or member (synonym of currentMember)


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  hierarchy-expression  zero-one   




Allows to retrieve information about hierarchy members in the current context.

The context is defined as following:

1) the calculated member's tuple context ( e.g ( [Time].[2010], [Measures].[Year Diff.] ) )
2) the tuple being iterated (e.g., Sum,(), ...). Note Eval() function has no current tuple.
3) the cell tuples from the axes being evaluated.
4) the slicer content.
5) the default members.

Current member works also across hierarchies of the same dimension. If there is a unique member of the specified hierarchy that 'exists' on the current context.

If applied to a named set it will return the current member or tuple of the set.

Since icCube 4.8, this function returns a set of members if the tuple contains two members of the same hierarchy. This functionality needs the 'dimensionalityCheck' icCube property set to false.

Since version 8.2, current works across attribute hierarchies.

See Also

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