Define Default Member (MDX+)

Allows for defining a hierarchy default member


The default member of a hierarchy can be redefined as following:


When evaluating a tuple, icCube is going to use the default member of all the dimensions being not defined in the tuple (either explicitly or via a filter/slicer). Most of the time that default member is the all member from the all level meaning that dimension is not taken into account (i.e., no filtering).

That is why we strongly advise always define (default behavior) a All Level in every hierarchy unless you understand the consequences. Note there might be scenario where this All Level makes no sense (e.g., with time dimension and/or partitioning dimension). But then keep in mind, you might encounter (at first) weird result as the default member(s) of the dimension(s) (not defined in the query/tuple) will be used and then will filter the result. Usually, in these scenario the reports/dashboards queries will always define such filters (e.g., a year).

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