Exists (MDX)

Returns the first set filtered by an existing rule based on the second set.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  set-expression  one   
  set-expression  zero-one   




Returns a set of existing tuples.

A single set as parameter :

This function filters out tuples that do not exists. A tuple does not exist if it contains members of the same dimension but different hierarchies whose combination is always empty by construction. For example the [Geography] dimension defines two hierarchies: [Geo] and [Economy]. The both have a level country; by construction the tuple ([Geo].[United States], [Economy].[Spain]) is not possible.

Two sets as parameter :

This function returns the tuples in the first set that are non empty when evaluated across the tuples of the second set.

Note, this function is faster than his equivalent NonEmpty() as it can be solved without querying the fact tables.

See Also

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