Java Functions (MDX+)

A set of Java functions available in MDX




A list of Java functions are directly available from MDX.

  • PatternMatches(string regexp,string s), equivalent to s.matches(regexp)
  • Contains(string s1,string s2), equivalent to s1.contains(s2)
  • IsNan(double v), equivalent to Double.isNan(v)
  • IsInfinity(double v), equivalent to Double.isInfinity(v)
  • Today(), returns the current date
  • DateToString(Date|DateTime date, String pattern [,String locale]), equivalent to DateTimeFormat.forPattern(pattern).format(date), link
  • StringToDate(String date, String pattern [,String locale]), equivalent to DateTimeFormat.forPattern(pattern).parseDateTime(date).toLocalDate(), link
  • StringToDateTime(String date, String pattern [,String locale]), equivalent to DateTimeFormat.forPattern(pattern).parseDateTime(date).toLocalDateTime(), link
  • DateTime(int year, month [, day]), returns a LocalDate using the specified parameters
  • DateTime(int year, month , day, hours[, minutes, seconds]), returns a LocalDateTime using the specified parameters
  • ToHexColor(Number mdxColor), converts an RGB color into an Hexadecimal one.

PatternMatches, Contains, IsNan and IsInfinity will return false if the parameter is null.
ToHexColor, StringToDate, StringToDateTime and DateToString will return null if the parameter is null.


Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

XMLA Properties

Find here the value of the XMLA properties when not specified otherwise.