LookupByKey (MDX+)

Returns the first member, or a list of members, in a given level/hierarchy matching the parameter key.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  dimension-hierarchy-level-expression  one   
  value-expression  zero-n   
  member-expression  zero-one   
  set-member-expression  zero-one   
  TYPED  zero-one   




The function returns the first member matching the key specified in the value expression. You can specified several lookup values for multi-values keys. If TYPED options is used the
key values will not be converted to the expected types.

If the second parameter is a member, the key is used as value-expression.

If the second parameter is a set of members, it will return a set of matching member.

If a hierarchy is specified, the algorithm will start at the first level and continue until a matching member is found.

It is similar to strToMember("Level-expression" + "&[" + value-expression + "]") function, but faster and specially useful when the key is a date or a time object.

See Also

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