Median (MDX)

Returns the median value of the specified set expression.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  set-expression  one   
  value-expression  zero-one   




The median function calculates the median value of the non-empty cells.

1) A value expression is specified.

When the value expression is specified, the measure is evaluated over the set and its median value is returned.

2) A value expression is not specified.

If a value expression is not specified, the measure is taken from the current context.

How is the median value calculated ?

After sorting the set, the median value depends on the number of items :

a) if it's an odd number : returns the value of the member in the middle of the set.

b) if it's an even number : returns the average value of the two member in the middle of the set.

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Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

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