Neutral Element (MDX+)

A neutral element defined as ∅ (U+2205)


The neutral element - ∅, neutralElement() - has no effect on all operations. For example:

∅ * {A} = {A}
∅ + {A} = {A}
(∅,[Switzerland]) = ([Switzerland])

FILTER BY ∅ - does not filter anything
WHERE (∅) - is like no where clause

It might be created using the neutralElement() function.

This is mainly used in the reporting to define filters that have no effect.

It is defined as the Unicode character ∅ (U+2205).

On Windows you might try to input with the ALT key pressed 2205 on your keypad (it might not work)
On Linux you can input that character using : CTRL + SHIFT + U followed by 2205 and ENTER.


Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

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