NonEmpty (MDX)

Return the list of tuples in the first set that are non empty.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  set-expression  one   
  measure  zero-one   
limit  value-expression  zero-one   




Returns a set of non empty tuples from the first set.

A single set as parameter:

This function filters out tuples that are empty. Empty tuples are the ones that have an empty value for the given measure. Missing members in the tuples are completed using the same logic than in the axis (slicer/default).

A set and a measure as parameter:

The processing is similar to the previous case using the specified measure instead of the measure in the current context.

Two sets as parameters:

This function returns the tuples in the first set that are non empty when evaluated across the tuples of the second set.

The third parameter, if defined, limits the number of returned tuples or members (new since v6.8.10)

See Also

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