ParallelPeriod (MDX)

Returns a member from a previous/next period with the same position in the level as the specified member.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  level-expression  zero-one   
  numeric-expression  zero-one 
  member-expression  zero-one   




This function finds the parallel member of the specified member.

1) If only the level-expression is specified, the function will use the level's hierarchy default member implicitly.

2) If no numeric-expression is specified, 1 will be used as default.

Note that the numeric-expression can be positive or negative. Positive numbers will navigate to previous members, negative to next members.

It is equivalent to Cousin( Member, Ancestor(Member,Level).Lag(Numeric Expression) ).

See Also

Ancestor Cousin Lag OpeningPeriod ClosingPeriod


Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

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