Rank (MDX)

Returns the rank (one-based position) of the tuple in the specified set (0 if not found).


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  tuple-expression  one   
  set-expression  one   
  numeric-expression  zero-one   




Returns the rank of the specified tuple in the set. If the tuple is not found 0 is returned.

If an numeric-expression is specified, the set is sorted in a descending order using this numeric-expression. Tuples with the same expression value have the same rank value.

The tuple set { A, B, C, D } with the respective numeric-expression values of { 2,1,2,4 } will be ranked as { B(rank=4), A(rank=2), C(rank=2), D(rank=1) }

This function is similar to: Rank( tuple, Order( tuple-set, numeric-expression, DESC) ). Note this MDX expression does not handle tuple with same value correctly.


Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

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