dtFirstDayOfWeekOfQuarter (MDX+)

Returns the member matching the first day of the week of the quarter (e.g. first Saturday), null if missing.


Name Type Cardinality Default value
time member  set-member-expression  one   
day of week [1-7]  numeric-expression  one   




This functions returns the member matching the first day of the week of the quarter.
If the member is missing it will return NULL.

dtFirstDayOfWeekOfQuarter( [Calendar].[Calendar].[Day].[30 Nov 2016], 7 ) will return the first Sunday of the quarter (i.e., [Time].[Calendar].[Day].[2 Oct 2016]).

When applied to a set it will return a set that is the result of applying this function on each member
of the input set. When the resulting member is missing it will be ignored.

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