dtRollingMonths (MDX+)

Returns the rolling months as a set for the time member parameter (member.dtMinusMonth():member]


Name Type Cardinality Default value
  member-expression  one   
  value-expression  one   
compactSet  boolean  zero-one  true 




Returns the rolling month for a time hierarchy member. The level of this member has to be a time dimension with
the level type defined (year,quarter, month,day, hour).

The second parameter defines the number of month to go backwards from the parameter time member.

For a level that are smaller than a month (e.g. week, day, hour ) :

[Time].[Day Level].[1 June].dtMinusMonths(rollingMonths).dtPlusDays(1):[Time].[Day Level].[1 June]

For levels that are month or bigger :

[Time].[Month Level].[June].dtMinusMonths(rollingMonths-1):[Time].[Month Level].[June]

Note that for Quarters and Years the rolling months have to be a multiplier of 3 or 12 (for a Quarter, 3,6,9,12..) as
the start date can not be inside a period.

A negative rolling month value will make the set go forward starting on the parameter time member (included).

By default the resulting set is compacted.

See Also

dtNextMonth dtPreviousMonth dtPlusMonths dtMinusMonths dtPlusDays CompactSet


Special Examples (errors, null, ...)

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