Docs. High Availability

From icCube 6.0, the JCR has been deprecated in favor of a native file system and DB approach.

Local File System

This configuration is suitable for the most common usage of the icCube server: single server installation. It is based on the local filesystem (/icCube-data/docsRepository).

DB (High Availability)

This configuration is dedicated to more complex icCube installations and more specifically when several instances of icCube are used for high availability setup. In that case, icCube must share a centralized common repository to avoid complex replication mechanism. In turn that repository must support high availability features as commonly found with DB servers.

To activate that configuration (available from icCube 6.1) please refer to the docsRepositoryDB section in the icCube.xml file.

Always backup and/or rename your existing repository folder before changing anything in the configuration.

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