icCube Runtime Overview


Once installed icCube is using two main directories:

    • the installation directory (referred to $install hereafter) : this is where the icCube binaries are installed and where by default the icCube configuration is located ($install/bin),
    • the application directory (referred to $app hereafter) : this is the place where a running instance of icCube server is storing its data (e.g., users, roles, cubes, etc...). On startup of icCube this directory (if not existing) is created and initialized with the content of the $install directory. The location of this directory is specified in the $install/bin/icCube.xml file.

Note that different versions of icCube can be installed side-by-side on the same machine

Startup Overview

On startup the icCube server is using the content of the $install/bin/icCube.xml file for its configuration. This page explains how to override this setup using ENVIRONMENT variable.

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