Migrating icCube : 4.5 to 4.6

The icCube 4.6 server is backward compatible with 4.5; following are the main changes :

  • See below for new authentication/authorization configuration the file icCube.xml.
  • See below for new icCube engine configuration properties the file icCube.xml.

Installation Reminder

Different versions of icCube can be installed side-by-side on the same machine and no file will be removed during the installation of a new version.

The main two directories mentioned in this page are:

  • the installation directory (referred to $install hereafter) : this is where the icCube binaries are installed,
  • the application directory (referred to $app hereafter) : this is the place where a running instance of icCube server is storing its data (e.g., users, roles, cubes, etc...). On startup of icCube this directory (if not existing) is created and initialized with the content of the $install directory.


The section icCubeAuthorizationService has been removed from the icCube.xml configuration file.

The implementation of the authentication service has been improved; please contact us if you've implemented your own class.

The mechanism to setup on-the-fly the role of authenticated users has been greatly improved and new servlet filters are available. For more details, please see the following page.

icCube Engine Configuration (icCube.xml)

The new icCube.selectCellMaxCount property allows for configuration the maximum number of cells returned by a SELECT statement.