Migrating icCube : 4.8.1 to 4.8.2

The icCube 4.8.2 server is backward compatible with 4.8.1.

  • see below for the new server environment properties in icCube.xml,
  • see below for the new MDX evaluation properties in icCube.xml,

Server Environment (icCube.xml)

The new optional section <environment> allows for defining the environment of the icCube server: e.g., PROD, DEV, QA. When defined a banner will appear in the UI.

MDX Evaluation (icCube.xml)

MDX query cells might be processed in parallel (see icCube.singleMdxEvalThreadCount). A new parallel processor has been introduced. It is configured using the icCube.singleMdxExtraEvalThreadCount property. This processor allows for example to process TopCount like function in parallel.

The icCube.mdxEvalFastNonEmptyAxis allows for activating fast processing of NON EMPTY axes (defaulted to true if the property is not defined) and the icCube.mdxEvalMeasureVector allows for activating fast processing when several [Measures] are specified on an axis (defaulted to true if the property is not defined).

The optional property icCube.mdxEvalLambdaProcessingMode allows for configuring the processing of lambda expression. E.g., TopCount( { set }, N, lambda-expression ). See icCube.xml for a detailed description of this property.