Migrating icCube : 5.1.4 to 5.1.5

The icCube 5.1.5 server is backward compatible with 5.1.4.

  • See below for a new property in the Server configuration in the file icCube.xml.
  • See below for new properties in the Print Server configuration in the file icCube.xml.
  • See below for the alert feature in the Notification Service configuration in the file icCube-notification.xml.
  • See below for the new Alert Scheduler features.

Server Configuration (icCube.xml)

icCube might use internally some memory mapped files. Due to Java not exposing a buffer unmap method, the icCube code has to rely on internal and non official ORACLE JRE code. In case of trouble with this code, the property icCubeProperties.unmapOff allows for switching off this usage. In that case, those buffers will be instead unmapped once the GC kicks in (might be very late).

From JRE 1.8 onwards, vectors can be sorted using a parallel sort. By default icCube attempts to use it. The property icCubeProperties.vectorParallelSortOff allows for switching off this usage.

Print Server Configuration (icCube.xml)

The new configuration properties : icCube.timeout allows for defining a default timeout to each printing job.

The new configuration properties : icCube.houseKeepingPeriod allows for defining at which interval the print server is cleaning up timeout jobs.

Notification Service Configuration (icCube-notification.xml)

The configuration has been extended to support notifications of type ALERT.

Alert Scheduler

A new scheduler has been introduced to support alerts. This scheduler is similar to the loading schema scheduler (its definitions are save into the file icCubeScheduler-alerts.icc-scheduler file). When existing, the previous icCubeScheduler.icc-scheduler file is migrated to icCubeScheduler-schemas.icc-scheduler file.