Migrating icCube : 5.1.6 to 5.1.7

The icCube 5.1.7 server is backward compatible with 5.1.6.

  • see below for Reporting App. files HTTP headers configuration in the Server configuration in the file icCube.xml.

Reporting Application Files HTTP Headers (icCube.xml)

Since icCube 5.1.7 it is possible to configure ad-hoc HTTP headers added to the HTTP response for the files related to the Web Reporting application (i.e., the ones within the ic3-report/app directory in the Docs). This is achieved using the new (optional) _ app-headers _ section within the _ reportingComponentConfiguration _ section.

The default icCube.xml adds Cache-Control header (caching the files for one year). icCube.xml is not migrated automatically; existing configurations must be updated manually to add for example caching headers:


                <app-header-value>public, max-age=31536000</app-header-value>