Migrating icCube : 5.x to 6.0

icCube 6.0 is a major upgrade both for the server and for the Web Reporting. Manual migration might be required; see below for more details. Please ensure to backup your production environment before upgrading icCube.

Data Directory (iCube.4.0)

The default data directory (icCube.xml) is now icCube-data. The previous directory is not migrated. You can shutdown icCube and copy the existing icCube-4.0 directory into icCube-data directory. Ensure then that schemas and reports are working properly. Manual migration might be required; see below for more details.

JCR (aka. Docs) Repository

The format of the repository (Apache Jackrabbit) has been changed in favor of a native file system (and DB) approach. The /docsRepository is replacing the /repository directory that is used in read only mode for migration purpose the first time icCube is started. In case of error while migrating the repository an empty /docsRepository will be created. Please contact us to troubleshoot the problem.

XMLA Schema Lifecycle Commands

New and improved commands are available to support backups. Note that the format of the arguments has been changed: each argument must be enclosed in [] if they contains spaces (or any other MDX separator). Please refer to the command page for more details.


Load-On-Startup is loading the schema from their backup (latest) when available. Note that schema restored that way are still backuping their data once loaded.

Monitoring Cancelling Requests (icCube.xml)

The <requestConfiguration> section of the icCube.xml file allows for monitoring cancelling requests and dumping them into separate log files for troubleshooting requests that cannot be properly cancelled. More details can be found in the icCube.xml file.

Removed icCube.xml Properties

The following properties have been removed from the icCube.xml file

  • icCube.requestCacheActive
  • icCube.requestCacheAssertConsistency
  • icCube.requestCacheMode
  • icCube.requestCacheMaxSize

HTTP Compression

Configuring HTTP compression for each component (e.g., GWT, GVI, XMLA, etc...) has been deprecated. This is possibly only for the root HTTP component.