Migrating icCube : 6.0.3 to 6.1

IMPORTANT: When migrating from 5.x please ensure to review this migration page..

icCube 6.1 is backward compatible with icCube 6.0.3.

Report Configuration

The icCube.xml section reportingComponentConfiguration has been improved for a more flexible deployment of the Web Reporting application. Refer directly to the section in the icCube.xml file for a detailed explanation of the new features.

Report Printing Configuration

The icCube.xml section printComponentConfiguration has been simplified and the properties ic3reportHtml, ic3reportTestHtml, ic3bootstrap, ic3bootstrapRoot, ic3bootstrapRootLocal have been dropped. Instead, the reportingComponentConfiguration is being used to locate the ic3report-print.html file (same place as the ic3report.html file).