Migrating icCube : 7.12 to 8.0.0-rc.1

The icCube 8.0.0-rc.1 server is backward compatible with icCube 7.x.

IMPORTANT: A new Reporting application known as Dashboards has been introduced. The Dashboards application is not backward compatible with the old Reporting. Nevertheless, the both applications can live together on the server (Dashboards being the default). Check the report.viz.enabled/report.v8.enabled properties in the icCube.xml to enable/disable those applications.

IMPORTANT: Backups created up to v7.10 (included) are broken. If you still want to use existing backups switch on the property singleMeasureDimensionalityOff in icCube.xml.

IMPORTANT: Since v7.4 icCube is using CSRF Token to mitigate CSRF attacks and as such requires a reporting v7.4 at least. You still can disable this setup (via icCube.xml) if you cannot upgrade yet the reporting application. Check the csrfOff properties in the file icCube.xml and/or contact us for more details.

IMPORTANT: Since v7.1 icCube has moved to Java 11 and onwards (Open JDK of Zulu). The code is still compiled (bytecode generation) using Java 8 so it will be compatible on all JRE/JDK from Java 8. From Java 8, Oracle's JRE is not longer free, so unless you have a commercial agreement do not use it in a production environment. You can move to other free JRE like Zulu or OpenJDK.