Migrating icCube : 8.2.2 to 8.3


The icCube 8.3 server is backward compatible with icCube 8.2.2.

IMPORTANT: The format of the reports/dashboards (Dashboards v8) saved in the Docs has been changed. icCube is migrating the Docs repository but please read carefully the next section.

Before starting icCube v8.3, please ensure to backup your icCube-data/docsRepository first. You can delete as well the content of the icCube-data/log folder for easier troubleshooting in case of migration issue later.


Each report/dashboards definition is not saved anymore into a folder (.icc-report) containing its definition (report-definition.icc-report-def). Rather, the .icc-report entities are now files.

Upon startup icCube is going to migrate your existing ic3-reporting/data folder. The existing folders are not modified and are renamed with .deprecated in their names in case you'd like to rollback. In case of any issue, you can search the logs for the "[docs] migrate" pattern.

The following folders are being moved:

        /data/shared                                 -- Dashboards
        /data/users                                  -- Dashboards



Where each existing report/dashboard is being changed from:

            my-report.icc-report/                    -- Dashboard Folder
                report-definition.icc-report-def     -- Dashboard Definition


            my-report.icc-report                     -- Dashboard Definition (was the .icc-report-def above)

The permissions (.icc-meta files) attached to the folders and files should be migrated as well. In case of issue, you can search the logs for the "[X]" pattern.

Manual imports (restores) from a previous Docs format (i.e., exported ZIP files) are automatically migrated. The ZIP file is being processed to perform the same logic as described above. The migrated content is the imported (there will be no deprecated folder in the Docs).

Report/Dashboard Applications

For consistency purpose, report/dashboard applications can be saved into the /shared or /users folder and be attached some permissions. The application definition files are now ending with the .icc-app extension.

In case of manual import (restore) from a previous Docs format (i.e., exported ZIP file), you'll have to manually rename the imported files.

The following folders is being moved:

        /data/entities/applications                  -- Dashboards Applications



The behavior of the permissions defined for report/dashboard application has been changed to be consistent with dashboards (and other files/folders in the Docs) permissions. Let us know if there is something wrong for your scenario.


The docsRepository of each tenants is migrated on-demand; you can log as an Administrator and impersonate each tenant to ensure everything is fine.

In any case, contact us if you need any help.