Multitenancy vs. Permissions

You can achieve multitenant segregation of schemas/cubes data and reports via authorization/roles setup as well.

Using a multitenancy ensures a physical separation of the different environments for a greater level of security. This allows for added benefits: you can setup different reporting versions by tenant, and you enjoy an easier management of the data in the file system (e.g., backups).

Multi icCube Servers

Using a multi-process approach offers even a greater level of flexibility (and security). In that case, you can dedicate a given icCube instance for a given (or group of) tenant. On top of added security, maintaining a single instance (e.g., shutdown) does not impact other tenants. Resource management (e.g. CPU and memory) are also separated. One expensive query would not impact another server. Remember, with a multitenancy setup shutting down the server will impact all the tenants on this server.

You can automate the deployment of icCube servers using the Rest API and system scripts (schemas, reports, backups). Should you need more details do not hesitate to contact us via our Web site or using your support channel.

Note that when using an OEM/Corporate license this approach does not incur any extra cost.