Sharing the icCube-data Directory

Up until icCube v8.3.0 it is not possible to share the icCube-data directory between different icCube server instances. This constraint has been relaxed with icCube v8.4.0. This allows for starting several servers being for example part of a fault-tolerant solution. You might as well put in place some sort of load-balancing between the different servers for performance reason.

Cluster Configuration

Sharing the icCube data directory is possible as soon as the cluster configuration is activated in the icCube.xml file as following:

<clusterConfiguration active="true">

When sharing the icCube-data folder, it is more likely that this folder will be remote (e.g., an Azure file storage accessed from several Docker containers). In that context, some folders should remain local (for performance reasons) and still cannot be shared. Following is a recap of the folders as described previously:

audit / log / tmp / schemaData                             NOT SHARED ( and LOCAL for performance reasons )
gviService / oauth2

backup / offline                                           SHARED
roles / users / tenants
builder / cubes / scheduler / mdxQueries
docsRepository / webPub / fileSystemRoot

tenantsData                                                SHARED
    for-each-tenant-directory-id (*)
        backup / offline
        builder / cubes / scheduler / mdxQueries
        docsRepository / webPub

fileSystemRoot                                             SHARED (actual path as configured in icCube.xml)

(*) the tenant home directory is created when creating a new tenant and/or using the set-tenant-home-directory request.

Backup Restore

In this mode, you can restore schema backups but you cannot restore a schema backup and continue to back up the restored schema.