Data Sources

Data sources are the actual sources of raw data from which OLAP cubes (i.e. facts and dimensions) are built.

Data Source Agnostic

The icCube server is data source agnostic, meaning that when building the OLAP cubes it does not rely on any specific type of data source. Currently usable data sources include files, Excel sheets, relational databases, and data streams (e.g. HTTP).

User Defined Data Sources

If the usable data source formats do not fit your requirements, you can use the icCube plugin framework to easily add new types of data sources. You can find more details in the following chapter.

Cube - Data Source Relationship

There's no limit to the actual number of data sources that can be used when creating a cube. In fact, a cube may be built mixing different types of data sources. For example, one possible approach could be to source some data from several Excel sheets and also from one or more external text files. More details are available here.

Next chapter: Relational Database details how to use a relational databases as data sources.