Time Wizard Dimension

Allows us to define/generate a time dimension without any underlying data table. Note that the member keys of this dimension are of type date unless the option 'Time Divisions' is activated.

The 'Time Divisions' allows to define a hierarchy with relative time periods. For example, you can define a flat level with the week's days (Monday, Tuesday, ..., Sunday) without the information of months or years. The Monday member with match all Monday's of the time dimension. Note, this levels can not be part of the default hierarchy as they do not define the key as a valid date to map fact rows.


We want to generate a time dimension with multiple hierarchies. The hierarchy will begin on August 1st, 2013 and end on December 31, 2014.

  • The first hierarchy - Time - is a classical multilevel one with Year, Quarter, Month and Day levels
  • The second hierarchy - Time Pyramide - is a special one where the Month level starts July 1st. This allows to define more details when closer to the current date.
  • The other hierarchies define the different levels with 'Time Divisions' active.

The 'Time Weekday' hierarchy - with Time Divisions - is shown below :

But, the best idea is downloading the time wizard schema and playing with in your icCube installation. The schema is available for download here.

Next chapter: Facts is describing how to build facts.