Java Simple Row (ETL)

The Java Simple Row allows for modifying a table or view on a row to row basis.

Note, you will need a JDK installed (at least 8) in the server running icCube that is compiling the code. The code is compiled when browsing the view. So there is no need to have a JDK in the production server.

Hint : You can complete the variables, e.g. row, context..., with CTRL+SPACE.

The example you can download in this page and the one from the image uses Apache Commons to transform a string to the camel version (first letter of all words in uppercase).

As you've access to all Java libraries we advise using stackoverflow to ask for specific questions. Most probably they will have been answered already. Bear in mind, the library might be already be part of icCube.


As an example we implemented a view a Camel transformation example. That you can download from here.

Next chapter: ETL Java describes how to do a Java view.