Dimension, Hierarchy, ...

The captions of MDX dimension, hierarchy, etc... are localized using a localization table. This table can be of any type (e.g., in-memory, DB, CSV, Excel file, ...). This table contains string columns: the first column contains the MDX unique names to localize and the remaining columns contains the localized captions of the referenced entities (e.g., dimension, hierarchy, etc...). The name of the localized caption columns must correspond to a JAVA locale name. As an example the following table is localizing in French and English several dimensions and show how to localize as well for a given country (United states and England). Note that when no localized value is available the name is used as caption.

        unique_name , fr      , en      , en_US  , en_GB
        [PaĆ­s]      , Pays    , Country ,        ,
        [Color]     , Couleur , Color   , Color  , Colour


MDX member captions are localized using custom member properties. The pre-defined names of those properties are : @MC_language_country (country being optional). The language and country names are following JAVA locale naming (see below for more details):

  • @MC_fr : is defining the member captions attached to the French language locale.
  • @MC_fr_FR : is defining the member captions attached to the France locale.
  • @MC_fr_CA : is defining the member captions attached to the (French) Canada locale.

JAVA Locales

The name of the locales are following JAVA locale naming :

language + "_" + country + "_" + (variant + "_#" | "#") + script + "-" + extensions
For example, English, French and France are respectively named en, fr and fr_FR. See this page for more information.

XMLA Language Identifiers

XMLA is supporting locales using language identifiers. icCube is keeping as much as possible a mapping between JAVA locales and language identifiers. See this page for more information about this mapping.

Schema Localization Walkthrough

For a concrete working example please have a look to the following page that demonstrates how to localize MDX entities (dimensions, hierarchies, levels, members, sets, etc...).