Access Rights / Permissions

In icCube, access rights allows to authorize and/or deny access to several resources : application features, schemas/cubes, dimensions, members, cells (or facts), etc... They are defined by roles. Users can then be attached one or more roles. Upon login, users can decide to use their default role (the first in their list of role) or specify a role using the syntax username/rolename in the login window.

Roles are configured using the monitoring/roles application in the WEB user interface.


It is possible to authorize and deny access to several applications (or features) of WEB interface. The same way, access to both the XMLA and Google visualization network interfaces can be restricted.


Schemas permissions allows for granting access to data from the schema level down to a (cube) cell level. Refer to this page for a detailed description of the schemas' permissions.

File : icCubeRoles.icc-users

Roles definitions are stored within the file 'icCubeRoles.icc-roles' that is located within the 'roles' directory as defined in the file icCube.xml and available in the Admin WEB interface).