Dashboards (Editor) Permissions

Dashboards (Editor) permissions allows for disabling features in the Dashboards application (editor mode).

Permissions are defined using lines of text. Each line contains a single tag disabling the corresponding feature in the Dashboards editor application. A line starting with '--' is a comment and empty lines are allowed.

As an example, the following definition is preventing users to create a new widget within a dashboard:



Available features are:

        EditorNewDashboard         : creating a new dashboard is forbidden.
        EditorExportDashboard      : exporting a dashboard is forbidden.
        EditorCloseDashboard       : closing a dashboard is forbidden.

        EditorNewWidget            : creating a new widget is forbidden.
        EditorMoveWidget           : moving a widget is forbidden.
        EditorFrontBackWidget      : bringing to front (sending to back) a widget is forbidden.
        EditorAlignWidget          : aligning a widget is forbidden.
        EditorResizeWidget         : resizing a widget is forbidden.
        EditorCopyPasteWidget      : copying/pasting a widget is forbidden.
        EditorDeleteWidget         : deleting a widget is forbidden.

        EditorSettingsInteraction  : the Interaction configuration editor is not visible.
        EditorSettingsBox          : the Box configuration editor is not visible.