Since version 6.2, icCube allows to define (server side) services that can be accessed via the reporting application. For example, the reporting can request icCube to convert addresses into geographic coordinates to place markers on a map (aka. geocoding).


Services are configured using the section <gviServices> within the icCube.xml file.

Monitoring and Maintenance

At runtime, services can be monitored and managed through icCube IDE ( Monitoring / Services ).


Services can be accessed in a generic way from the reporting application using Javascript code.

User Defined Services

The service framework allows for adding/accessing user specific services. Please contact us for detailed information about how to implement and deploy your own services.


The very first service available is about Geo coding. This service allows for converting addresses into geographic coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) that can be used for example to place markers on a map.

Next chapter: Geocoding describes how to configure/use the Geocoding service.