icCube Engine Commands

icCube is extending MDX to execute several commands against the engine using your favorite MDX client application (e.g., icCube MDX Console). Note that you can use the "ic3_Fake_Schema" as schema/catalog when running those MDX statements. The syntax is the following (note the trailing semicolon):

        ic3run command-name [ options, ... ] ;


The result_cache command allows to interact with the MDX result cache. The only supported clear parameters allows for purging the content of the MDX result cache.

        ic3run result_cache clear;


The cancel_all_request command allows for cancelling all active requests. The optional exclude_load parameter allows for excluding LOAD schema related requests.

        ic3run cancel_all_requests [exclude_load];


The expr command allows for executing an MDX value expression.

        ic3run expr [Measures].[Cashflow].setProperty("FX", true) ;