Schema Alerts

An alert is an MDX boolean expression that can be scheduled to be evaluated at certain times or when schema data has been updated. If the expression evaluates to true then an ALERT notification is triggered. Depending on the actual configuration of the notification service, this notification can generate an eMail.

Access Rights

To access the alert feature, you must log into icCube using a role that grants alerts usage.

Alert Scheduler

Alerts are created using the Admin / Alerts application. Their definitions are persisted within the icCubeScheduler-alerts.icc-scheduler file. Scheduling an alert is based on the same triggers used load schema scheduler.

Alert Triggers

Alert triggers are similar to the ones used in the loading schema scheduler. Please refer to this page for more information about the available triggers.

eMail (Notification Service)

Internally, when an alert evaluation is triggered and its result is true, an ALERT notification is created and sent to the notification service. Then, depending on its configuration, an eMail can be generated. Configuration of the eMail is done within the alert definition. Even if we strongly advise referencing reports instead of printing them, the generated eMail can contain a report PDF.

Fallback eMail

Note that the alert definition allows for configuring an alternate eMail that is sent in case of error during the processing of the alert (e.g., MDX evaluation error, PDF generation timeout, etc...).

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