Schema Scheduler

icCube is embedding a scheduler allowing for loading schemas using several trigger rules (e.g., once, daily, fixed rates...). Its UI is accessible from the monitoring WEB application (tab schemas) and is pretty straightforward to use. As an example, the following picture is showing a rule that loads the "Sales" schema every hour from 8am to 6pm.


The trigger definitions are defining the execution (or 'firing') of load schema requests. Several types of trigger are available: once, daily, cron, etc...

Cron Trigger

icCube is embedding the Quartz Scheduler trigger for its support of the Unix like cron scheduling capabilities. You can refer to this page for a detailed description of the cron format. In addition, you can search Google for more details (and free online cron expression generator) as the icCube cron expression is following the Unix cron format. See below several examples.

0 15 10 ? * *	         Fire at 10:15am every day

0 30 8,14 ? * MON-FRI    Fire at 8:30am and at 2.30pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

0 30 8 1 1 ? 2050        Fire at 8.30am on Jan 1st, 2050

Latest Run Request

The following picture is showing that the latest load-schema request when available is accessible from the rule details panel. This is a hyperlink to the request monitoring panel where you can find more details about the processing of the request.

Load-On-Startup Flag

The load-on-startup flag as specified in the schema definition has become useless when using the scheduler. It should not be used anymore to avoid any clash with a similar scheduling rule. Note that the same behavior can be achieved with a "once" trigger having an initial delay of 0.

Next chapter: Schema Alerts is giving an overview of the alerts feature.