Schema Snapshots

Schema snapshots (formerly called Offline schemas) are schemas that are not connected to their actual data source (e.g., DB). Instead, they're using a snapshot of the required data. They can for example be used to work in a disconnected mode when the DBs are not available. Snapshots can be thought of as 'backups' of the schemas but differ a bit from them. Please refer to the backup page for more details.

These data snapshots are saved within the icCube application directory ~/offline. See the icCube.xml configuration for more details about its settings.

Create a Data Snapshot

To create such a data snapshot you'll have to load the schema using its actual data source and request icCube to create the snapshot. For that purpose, in the monitoring tab "To Load" you'll find an action to load schema using extra parameters; select "Load & Create Snapshot":

Load a Data Snapshot

To use a certain data snapshot, find the snapshot you would like to restore under Admin / Snapshots. Select on the corresponding snapshot of the desired creation date, and find the RESTORE button on the top right menu:

Once loaded, you can check that the schema is using offline data, by looking at the Admin tab "Loaded". There the schema information is showing the actual date of the data snapshot being used:

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