How about making some details of icCube’s Reporting Editor more personalized to your corporate branding?

A new feature that allows to change the Reporting application’s buttons color as well as the reports’ default theme and palette on icCube is now available.

This feature is especially useful for customers who are embedding icCube into their own product or solution (to those who allow their users to edit reports, of course) and want to make some details of the application closer to their corporate branding.

Learn how to in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to Docs > Public > icCube.json and click on the magnifying glass on your right to edit the JSON file.
  2. Change the following settings according to your corporate/branding defaults:
    • The Reporting application’s buttons color, under “primary”
    • The default theme when creating a new report
    • The default color palette when creating a new report

    For this example we have used the following settings:

    {   "theme": {    "colors": {     "primary": "#8EC63F"    }  },  "defaultTheme": "Statos",  "defaultThemePalette": [   "#1A9641",   "#A6D96A",   "#FFFFBF",   "#FDAE61",   "#D7191C"    ]  }

  3. icCube’s Reporting with your layout defaults is ready to use. Therefore, not only your new theme and color palette are set as defaults:

    … but also, the Application’s buttons and on hover text:

    … as well as the buttons and lines on widgets’ editors:

Nice right? Enjoy!

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia