Get up to speed from loading your data to creating your first dashboard in 10 minutes.

Lesson #1a:
Building your schema (wizard)
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Lesson #1b:
Building your schema (advanced)
Lesson #2:
Your first widget

The above video explains how to quickly setup your first schema. For those who prefer a written article above a video, continue reading.

1. Open the builder and start the wizard

Access http://localhost:8282/icCube/icCube_en.html in any browser. Remember to change ‘localhost’ and/or the port number ‘8282’ if you have made any changes to the default configuration.

Click on Builder in the top left menu.

You are now on the page where you will be able to create, edit and optimize all your schemas from now on.

In this course we are going to use a wizard to create your first schema. If you prefer to go though it step by step manually, click on the next lesson in this course.

Click on the + icon, to start te wizard

2. Follow the wizard

You have now started the wizard which will guide you through:
  • Add a source and data table
  • Create dimensions, hierarchies and levels
  • Create measures/metrics

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia