icCube v8 brings in the ability to create pixel-perfect BOUM themes & widgets. What are these exactly?


Software and SaaS solutions looking to embed analytics want to make their dashboards perfectly match their solution’s UX & UI. In other words, the user should not see the difference between the solution’s interface and the analytics embedded in it.

icCube allows to build 100% customized components based on designers’ prototypes. For example, design is made by a design company on a platform such as Invision, and then the compnents (themes and widgets) can be implemented on icCube.

Find development examples of branded pixel-perfect themes and widgets on our GitHub page.

BOUM: build-once-use-many

Build themes and widgets once, and reuse them. Why is this so practical?

You are most probably using a selected set of charts, maps and filters in your dashboards. Each time you build, say, a line chart, you always have to change the label settings, the legend settings, colors, fonts, etc.

The idea of BOUM is to have all the needed settings preconfigured so the user does not have to worry and lose time redoing that each time. Imagine you have 100 dashboards to build!

Plus, another advantage is that if you decide to change a given widget in the future, for example, because the corporate design has been updated, then you do not need to go over all the dashboards using it to make the actual change. Just change it in its definition and it will directly be apllied everywhere at runtime. Boum!

Themes and Widgets

A theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance and functionality details used to customize the look of the dashboards. Theme entities can be color palette, fonts, size, default chart options, etc.

Widgets are visual components that display a piece of information. Typical widgets are charts, maps, tables, filters, gauges, text boxes, etc.

icCube v8 therefore is a dev-friendly version allowing for themes and widgets to be unique, matching your branding and designs, with long-term easy maintainability. White labeling made easy!

For more information check out the Dashboards Documentation.

Customer use case

STREETS is a leading Swiss SaaS Real Estate portfolio management platform, seamlessly embedding icCube dashboards with their unique pixel-perfect theme & widgets. The dashboards can be seen on their promotional video.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia