Even when embedding analytics into a solution, you would sometimes like to give the user high flexibility on the data navigation and exploration.

icCube has introduced new widgets and features that allow for improved user self-service capabilities:

Filter Panel

The filter panel allows the user to add a list of filters based on rules, i.e. ‘contains’, ‘greater than’, ‘between’, ‘starts/ends with’, ‘is (not) empty’, etc.

Doc and live examples are available.

Query Builder widget

Use the MDX Query Builder as a widget to create your own queries for tables and pivot tables currently.

Doc and live examples are available.

How to use Filter Widgets for defining MDX axes

Filter widgets can be used, not only for the common filtering purpose, but also to change a query’s axis on a chart. For example, a column chart where its horizontal axis is determined by the selection of the filter.

Doc on how to set this up and live examples are also available.

User select drilldown

Drilldown is a data navigation mechanism that allows to drill into categorical data.

Natural (children) drilldown could for instance be a pivot table listing years, where you can expand the years to show months. This mechanism also works with other charts such as Bar or Column charts, i.e. bars or columns are replaced upon click by the children of the selection.

User select drilldown is more powerful than natural drilldown. The user can choose into which category they want to drill into. For example, click on a year and drill down into customer types, then click on a customer type and drill into continents.

Doc and live examples are available.

By Nathalie Leroy Tapia Heredia